2003 Chevrolet Zafira CD 1.8


A very comfortable MPV, and good value for money


Both ABS and TC indicators sometimes glow at the same time. According to some source, this might be caused by faulty ABS/TC sensors. Though it is mentioned in the manual book that you can continue driving the car provided you drive with care and anticipation, I'm going to have this sorted out soon.

General Comments:

About a year ago, I was planning to replace my aging Honda Accord with a newer used car, and a Chevy Zafira was the last thing that came into my mind. It was its flex-7 seats and fairly cheap price that grabbed my attention in the first place. My interest grew bigger as I learned about this MPV with its features that overwhelm all competitors. Although I had some doubts after reading some bad reviews on the web, I decided to buy this car anyway.

The late 2003 production has been equipped with fly-by-wire technology that increases fuel efficiency. In combination, the fuel consumption is about 10.5 liters of gasoline per 100 km (9.5 km/liter). This is much better than I expected.

Engine performance is quite good. However, the response might be a little slow at low revs, as a consequence of having fly-by-wire on board. But it will behave differently if you activate the ‘sport mode’.

The handling beats other MPVs, although it’s not comparable to my good old Honda Accord :)

Zafira is the most comfortable MPV I’ve ever drove; thanks to the suspension that is as good as other European built. Inside the cabin, abundant air vents also contribute to passenger’s comfort. A small complaint with the hard seats was fixed by applying a thin layer of foam pad under the seat covers.

Overall, this car is a really good value for the money.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2010

2001 Chevrolet Zafira CD


Good exterior, but bad interior


- Power window didn't work

- Error on transmission

- Air conditioner didn't work

- Error on the immobilizer

- Door lock stuck.

General Comments:

The reason why I bought this car is because not many people have it, making it look exclusive. I bought the green one because it looked nice in green.

The first time I bought this car, there was no problem on this car, but 2 weeks later, the power window didn't work. I replaced it with the new one.

Then another problem had occurred : there's an error on the transmission. When I put the gear in "D", the car didn't go. When I put the gear in 2, it can go but then you have to switch the gear into 3, then D.

I spent a lot of money to fix my car. About 3 month later, the immobilizer which scans any problem in my car had an error when I was driving on the highway. Then I took my car to the dealer. The dealer staff said that almost all Zafiras had this problem.

About 5 months ago, my car's door lock was stuck. I took it to the dealer again and I spent a lot of money to fix it.

The interior quality is bad. The dashboard is made of bad quality plastic. The gear box is also made of cheap plastic that can easily get scratched.

The seats are not comfortable because seats are very hard.

The AC is the worst, My son always get headache when he's riding my car. Yet, the smell of the interior is not great.

I think Chevy should not have sold this car, because it is unsafe and makes people not like Chevy.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2008