1981 Datsun 180B P810TX L 18 1.8 cc


Reliable and dependable


We found her abandoned in a garage for a year after it's been painted, previous owner smashed her onto a light pole cause a 4 cm setback to the left front wheel.

Once we got it we rebuild the engine: piston rings, all metal bearing, timing gears and chains, water pump, clutch set, new carby, etc at 190,000 kms.

Replace the starter motor at 230,000 kms due to soaked in flood

Replace the rear axle at 280,000 kms with used part due to broken cover and worn out gear.

The second complete engine rebuild done at 330,000 kms.

Electronic Ignition installed at 340,000

Body started to rust in 1993, and finally she got new paint job in 2003.

New A/C in 2003

Visco water pump installed at 390,00 kms

Replace the steering box at 400,000 kms with used part due to worn out gear.

General Comments:

Good, reliable work horse. The car is now 14 years in family and consider one of the best 180B lasting in Indonesia. The problem with this car is mainly in transmission and rear axle, front seats are easy to worn out too. We're satisfied with this car, we hope we got it since new. The challenge of keeping her on road is expensive parts, compare to my 1985 W123 Mercedes 200, 1981 VC Commodore 2,85 SL/E and My 1983 VH Commodore 1,9 SL/X.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2006

10th May 2010, 07:39

Yup! She has been 17 years now in family and keeps on doing well... got a new mate too, a 1991 Isuzu Gemini 1.5 turbo diesel automatic. I love my Dats!