1963 Holden EH Special 149ci


Stylish and practical 1960's Australian car


The main problem with the car was body rust. Both rear dogleg pillars had to be cut out and replacement metal welded into place. Both front wings and both rear wings also had severe rust in them.

The roof needed respraying due to surface rust on it. This I did at home.

The front bench seat had some small tears in it.

The front kingpins needed replacing. The shock absorbers also needed replacing.

Otherwise there were no major problems.

General Comments:

The EH was no ball of fire, but went well for a car of its age and kept up well with modern traffic.

I liked the three-speed column shift manual gearbox though it took me awhile to realise there was no synchromesh on first gear.

The styling was very much that of the 1960's, but the car itself was very stylish.

Obtaining spare parts was never a problem as there were many EH's imported into Indonesia during the 1960's. Nearly all mechanical repairs on the car I did myself and as the car was so simple mechanically, I never had a problem repairing it.

I only sold the EH because the cost of having decent body panels shipped out from Australia was too high and the EH was badly affected by rust.

I will miss this car forever...

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Review Date: 30th June, 2002