2003 Hyundai Accent GLS




My air intake and solenoid actuator blew out at 119,000km. Air intake is made by thermosetting plastic. I called Hyundai service; they were coming in 1 hour to my location (very good service). Then I asked them why this happened; they have no idea. About the cost, they ask me for Rp. 3,750,000 (USD 400) then I asked for the disc, they gave me disc 25%.

The new air intake is made of aluminum, not plastic. Looks they have known of this problem before, but they didn't want to recall this spare part.

General Comments:

During my usage:

1. Fuel is quite economical

2. Spare parts price is good

3. Service center is very helpful

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Review Date: 24th June, 2008

1997 Hyundai Accent GL 1.5


My first and last Hyundai


Power steering pump was broken when I just bought it for a week. Changed all the power steering seals and pump.

Wiper motor was not running smoothly and changed the bearings.

Driver door-handle and power window were broken and changed with the new ones.

Problems with front disc-brake. I checked it to the nearest dealer. They said they need to change the disc not only the brake pad since the disc surface was not smooth anymore. I think the metal material of the disc was very poor. The mechanic said that it was common problem with Hyundai cars.

The quality of dashboard material was very poor. The plastic joint was easily broken into several parts.

The car - although uses 1.5L engine consumed more fuel than my other 1.6 L car.

General Comments:

I bought this car since it was quite cheap compared to other similar cars at that time. But I made a wrong decision since this car gave a lot of problems instead of enjoyment.

The quality both especially metal material was very poor. I heard that Hyundai improved the quality of their cars significantly in the US market. Hopefully they will improve it also for Asian market.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2006

5th Apr 2007, 16:24

Dear Sir.

You bought the car cheap and probaly didn't get a mechanic to check it out before you bought it. Its not the car's fault it is you.

Kind regards.


2002 Hyundai Accent LGX 1.5


The suspension makes a squeaking sound on rough roads, but on the highway it works superbly.

General Comments:

This car is the king of the road. I changed the air filter with racing ones, and I changed the spark plugs with Split fire, and it is the fastest in my area, no kidding.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2003

2002 Hyundai Accent Verna GLS 1.5


Worth more than it's cost


The material for the body is too thin.

The engine sound is too loud after I reach 100 km/h and higher, even in 5th gear

The brake performance is not so good. Starting from 90 km/h I have to 'kick' the brake hardly.

I think Hyundai have to improve the sound protection & brake performance.

General Comments:

Besides all, I'm happy with my Accent Verna.

The engine performance is good.

Handling performance is very good; light steering, clear front view, good acceleration, comfortable seats.

Riding this car in such heavy traffic as Jakarta is very comfortable for me.

Good looking design.

Dealer's service is good. Once I had my front glass broken, than they completely change it only in 3 days.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2002

21st Jun 2003, 15:16

Slow and not much to look at.