2003 Hyundai Trajet 2.0 DOHC petrol


Value for money, great family car


Rear wheel noise during high speed >70 kph, radiator needs to be cleaned, others found no problems and quite reliable.

General Comments:

This car is spacious, great to get a ride with the family, tried long distance travel > 1000 km and it works OK, my 2 kids can sleep well in the car during the trip. Even when it has to climb quite a steep road, this car still can handle it well.

Petrol consumption is quite high for down town driving, but reasonable for a highway or out of town trip.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2017

1st May 2020, 05:08

Year manufactured - 2003.

Model - 2.0 GL.

Bought as a brand new car.

Current mileage -150,000.

Good things:

1. Comfortable MPV.

2. Stable.

3. Good braking system.

After 17 years, problems with:

1. Central locking not working.

2. Headlight blur event a few times cleaning.

3. Undercarriage started making a noise.

4. Catalytic converter malfunction. Can we remove it?

2002 Hyundai Trajet GLS 2.0 DOHC 16v


Good quality family car


Front interior/ reading lamp not working properly, it's probably broken by the previous owner.

"T" pipe for water heater broken at 115.000 km, fortunately I don't need that since we have no snow in Indonesia.

Power steering seal and front shock absorber needed to be changed at 98.000 km, after I just spent my money for installing car multimedia entertainment, rear parking sensor and of course regular gasoline.

General Comments:

This is very good family car sold world wide with a very... very... reasonable price when I bought it, compare to its rival, which most Indonesians take a fancy to.

Gasoline consumption is fair as you look for 2 litre engine power, as its big engine is suitable and made for long distance cruising. Hope there will be new invention or technology as 2.0 litre engines run with 1 litre consumption for 15 km, then I might throw this beautiful minivan away! My Trajet uses 2002 engine technology without CVVT, VVT-i, or VTEC technology, but the fuel consumption is much better than its new "rival" Kijang Innova (year 2006), which using latest VVT-i technology; during trip to Bandung from Jakarta in highway, the fuel consumption reached 12,7 km/litre. The city movement spent 7,8 km/litre. That's why I still love this car. I'm just wondering if I can buy New Trajet 2008 with CVVT technology.

What spacious room I have for my family for traveling with 'real" comfort. The ride and handling are good and firm, compared to my previous MPV (Toyota Kijang) before I changed to a Hyundai Elantra.

Slightly under powered when climbing a steep hill, but still does a reasonable speed.

My family are happy with the complete features inside this car, as other families expect for a minivan.

I just wondering if I can should a new Hyundai Trajet CVVT or Hyundai Entourage for next.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2008

30th May 2015, 15:12

We have the 4 speed automatic Trajet with a 2.0L petrol engine and don't expect to get much more than 18 MPG. Perhaps mid 20s on a run.

A CVT auto would be a very bad choice on any car! Noisy and even poorer fuel economy.

The Trajet for all its design faults is still a comfy car for several people to travel in.

Ours is 11 years old and has done just 48K miles. Still has the original battery and exhaust. But has had 6 (yes SIX) new suspension top mounts!!!

2003 Hyundai Trajet


Hyundai trajet, cause I love my family


I bought the car several months ago. The Trajet is the most spacious car I ever had.

Handling is OK, but I found a noise from the rear wheel area.

I cannot say about fuel consumption since I only utilise my Trajet during weekends (100 Km / week).

I feel OK with this car.

General Comments:

The car is built for people who love their family. I've got three sons and they are very happy traveling in this car. I planned to buy a new one, but considering the depreciation of the car is not so good, I took the used one.

In Jakarta the price of new trajet is US$21,000, if we sell it after 4 years it will be US$ 10,000. Compare to Japanese brands, Hyundai prices are unstable.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2008