2008 Subaru R2 660cc non turbo


Could handle 20 more HP


Dealer had to redo the car registration (STNK) twice because first time : they forgot to pay the fee. Second : classed as sedan, corrected as microcar. Normally takes 3 days, actually 20 days.

Wanted blue car with beige interior. Dealer imported red car with black interior.

Radio is still Japan Domestic tuner, which is narrower than Indonesian FM band, meaning I had to replace it to hear some stations.

Feels that dealer is still amateur (only been established March 2008, I writing in December 2008). Hope they try harder.

General Comments:

The ground clearance is very good. There are 4 cupholders. There, those questions out of the way, I can write about the important stuff.

Such skinny wheels and the original Falken tires are very noisy. But stability is good up to 120 km/h and beyond. Braking with the ABS is also good and straight.

The ride is harsh, but no more uncomfortable than the rivals (who normally are too soft). The hard ride makes for the good stability.

The steering is heavy (is it really assisted?) but I don't feel it's a problem. Just that I was surprised at first. The steering is sharp indeed, very nice in the city. But the steering wheel is large because of the airbag. A slightly smaller steering wheel could make it feel like a go-kart.

Acceleration is good and gets better as you understand the CVT transmission. No one will believe its only 660 cc. But, if you accelerate hard, it will go to high revs, and above 4000 rpm it gets disturbing.

Unlike the R1, which is a cosy red and black, the R2 interior is cheerer with a white and black theme. It feels roomy and actually has good leg space front and rear. Five can fit in easily. And by the way the air conditioner and heater is superb. With all that space for passengers, cargo space is limited though. For commuting to the office or shopping, it is okay though.

It is expensive but the safety features and performance makes up for the cost in my book. For the price I could have bought a new Honda Jazz (the first version) which is a bigger car. But actually I was looking for a kei-car, so less is better.

For long distances, I have my Peugeot 406. But if I don't plan to go above 100 km/hr and don't want to go over 4000 rpm, the R2 is the best.

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Review Date: 25th December, 2008