2011 Toyota Avanza G A/T 1.3 petrol


A basic car, with good build quality, and even better resale value, but none of driving pleasures


No mechanical fault whatsoever.

The alarm's vibration sensor may be a bit too sensitive; few times it sounded loud warnings in the middle of the night for no reason.

General Comments:

This is my company car, and I'm pleased to have gotten this latest generation Avanza, instead of the older one, which was still on sale at time of purchase.

Exterior styling is more crisp with bold, chiseled curves. The G trim has chrome ornaments, which I think are a bit superfluous; I prefer the E trim's honest body-colour approach.

The interior styling has been reasonably updated too, although the layout remains similar to previous models. The side A/C vents look much more modern than before, with a hint of luxury. Dashboard and panels remain plasticky, but it's acceptable for what it is; a "people's car". At least it's durable. Beige colour is not the easiest to keep clean; I prefer the Veloz' black scheme. The middle row seats now slide back and forth for more flexibility.

Performance is a letdown for me, coming from various other car makes and models with a lot more power. I can live with the sluggish acceleration, but not the engine's scream at 100 km/h and above. So I tend to drive it slower. This car forcibly calms you down. Parents can securely let their child drive it.

Ride is more compliant now; I heard Toyota made some changes to minimize harshness, and it certainly feels that way. Electric power steering provides a numb response compared to a hydraulic system, but it's supposed to be more efficient.

Feature wise, there are plenty included with the G trim like alarm system, CD player, rear air con, parking sensor, power windows, cup holders, centre console compartment. If I were to buy an Avanza myself, I would get the E trim for less money and with most features still intact.

Major disappointment is the lack of immobilizer, making the Avanza an easy target for car thieves.

The bigger body with the smaller engine is not an ideal combination, so fuel consumption is mediocre at 10 km/l. My Merc sedan does better.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2012

28th Jun 2013, 11:46

I am one of the Indonesian Avanza owners. Have bought them 4 times (05, 07, 11 and 12 edition) and I 100% agree.

They're the all round performers, with no specific highlight.