2006 Toyota Kijang E 2.0 VVT i


Very comfortable family car


The performance of my Kijang Innova is excellent!

General Comments:

The car is completely comfortable and very convenient and also very good as a family car, although the mileage is a bit poor, but still is a good car.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2006

2005 Toyota Kijang Innova V 2.0L EFI


Not the same old Kijang anymore


Interior trim becomes dirty too quickly.

Serpentine V-belt makes squeaking noise after 10,000 km.

Weather strip was torn after 20,000 km.

Shock absorber were too hard even after running-in period.

Muffler noise is quite loud and uncomfortably heard from the cabin.

Dashboard started to make rattle noises and created uneven gap after 10,000 km due to poorly designed clips.

Excessive fuel consumption (1 litre = 6 km).

General Comments:

The interior is not as spacious as the previous Kijang model (LGX) in spite of a bigger exterior dimension.

Drivers feel that the car is much bigger than it actually is due to too much angle on the A-Pillar and it makes driving more difficult.

Suspension feels too hard even after adopting coil spring system. The previous Kijang model (LGX) used leaf spring and it was more comfortable.

However road holding ability is very good.

Price of the spare parts is quite expensive and hence it is not as economical to run as its predecessor.

Air conditioner works very well for front blowers.

However, rear blowers took too much time to be effective since the ducts were positioned just below the roof which absorbed heat from the sunlight.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2006

26th Apr 2008, 21:50

Innova is one of indonesia's masterpiece. It's a great car with good performance and quality but it's not efficient. For those og you who think that respect is important, don't buy this because many people have it. But Innova is rare in other country aside from Indonesia. Kijang Innova is not Kijang anymore. The old Kijang is better although the old Kijang is not as fast as Innova.

2003 Toyota Kijang LGX 1.8


A very popular MPV car in Indonesia


No significant problems.

General Comments:

This car is really popular in Indonesia. It has the largest market share for MPV segment.

This car is actually not really comfortable to drive as it still uses chassis instead of monocoque body.

The ground clearance is very high, so it is very suitable for off-road driving and drive thru the flood.

It uses very outdated OHC 1.8L engine with fuel injection so the fuel consumption is very inefficient compared to the latest technology engine.

The resale value is very very good.

Everyone in Indonesia knows this car as it is very popular here.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2006