2000 Toyota Soluna GLI 1.5 petrol




Rear suspension is squeaking and making a harsh noise when in bad road conditions.

Brake fade quickly when driven hard.

Out of breath after passing 140k/h.

General Comments:

If you are looking for a car that's best suit for hours spent in traffic jams, flooded streets, urban crime prevention, bad road condition, have a tight budget on the fuel, and can fit 4 grown adult or 5 if you push it, then this is the car that will not let you down.

The fuel economy is excellent; 6/100km, and you can still push it to 5.5/100km if you drive very careful and if there is light traffic, which is rare in my country anyway.

The interior is very standard with all the buttons or switch that you really use most of the time anyway.

This car is not a race car, it loses its breath after passing 140k/h, and takes ages to go to its top speed which is 160k/h.

It is very reliable and dependable to start every time, even if you don't put it into the dealer service, since I self service my car, which basically involves changing the oil every 5000km, oil filter, buy a injector cleaner spray, wheel balancing and change air filter every 10.000km.

One time I went into a flooded street and got my car submerge up to the lower middle door. It was still running, and when the next morning I tried to start it up it wouldn't go. The the reverse and the clutch got stuck together. I turned off the car and put the gear into reverse and started it again; after jumping backward the problem was solved. It then run like nothing ever happened.

Another good thing about this car is it's cheap to buy and to sell back, even it is a second hand car already.

But don't try to have a accident with this car; as far as I know the outcome is not pretty as it has no airbag, ABS, traction control, but comes with all crumple zones. I saw one time an accident involving the same car I have with a BMW, the BMW look drivable while the Soluna crumpled all the way; the front wheel goes to the drivers foot, and his foot goes to his jaw.

And there is no style if you drive this car; you just look like a standard office worker, start up businessman, or a taxi driver, but still chicks will love riding with you as it says that you are an honest, faithful, very practical and dependable guy :)

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Review Date: 20th August, 2007