2001 Daewoo Cielo GLE 1.5 fuel injection


Good car


Leaky Clutch pump at 30000 Kilometers.

Timing belt changed at 40000 Kilometers.

Power window switches on driver's side replaced at 45000 Kilometers.

Leaky engine cap washer ever since I purchased this car. Finally changed it at 49000 Kilometers.

General Comments:

Reliable and comfortable car.

I feel the car needs a little more powerful engine.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2005

2000 Daewoo Cielo GLE 1.5 DOHC petrol


A toy


Front mirror doesn't stay in its place.

The spare tire was flat!!!

It seems you are riding on a turtle when you turn the air conditioner on.

The horn stopped working at 2600km.

Shifting the gears is sometimes difficult.

The back of the car is a little high and it's difficult to see the back when using the reverse gear.

The air conditioner smells.

General Comments:

If you like toys... it's ideal, but if you like real cars never think about it.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2000

14th Dec 2000, 11:06

These cars are usually good cars for the money you pay for them. But if you look at the Nissan Patrol previously owned, any compact car would seem a toy, no matter what it was. Not a fair comparison. I don't own a Cielo.

4th Apr 2001, 10:24

I have a daewoo cielo, you cannot find a better choice for this price in Iran's market. I have found it reliable and comfortable especially in long distance traveling. It is not comparable with Nissan Patrol 4wd.

About the services, I think you had better replace your car, any car, before it requires serious services.

28th Jul 2001, 10:22

I have Daewoo Cielo and it is the best choice in Iran, and you cannot compare it with this Nissan Patrol.