1992 Alfa Romeo 33 1.7 carb


Worn out bushes.

Bad paint.

Worn out shocks.

Bad clutch.

Oil leaks.

Power steering R&P leaked.

As I bought the car, it was fine for about 10k kilometers, after that things started to break down one after the other - but mostly from mileage & time wear. There was no serious malfunction in the car (& hopefully won't be).

I took it as a project car, and so replaced almost everything about it.

General Comments:

The car has got a rebuilt 1.7 8v engine with 40mm carbs, 4 Koni sport shocks, all around poly bushes, vented discs at the front, omp strut brace, 185/60/14 tyres & rims, new paint job - Alfa red (the old red was dead), all around new bearings, shock mounts, clutch...

I liked it from the beginning because it is a unique car and cheap to buy, and I wanted a car to tune up myself, to match it to my specific demands.

This car is pretty amazing - it corners & grips like a leach, stops good for a 33, and goes like stink.

The engine with the carbs sounds like nothing I've ever heard - including sports cars.

Of course the materials inside are badly made, the driving position is bad, and the A/C doesn't work.

But... this is one hell of a car!

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Review Date: 4th September, 2009

1993 Alfa Romeo 33 IE 1.5 injection


Perfect as a first car, I spend a lot of good time with her


All shocks absorbers were replaced by 4 yellow Koni's.

New radiator at 169,000 km.

First, second and reverse gears' synchrony is poor.

Power lock's booster at the rear left door.

Normal ware.

Very small spots of rust here and there.

Climate control cable is broken.

Fog defroster switch for the rear window doesn't work.

General Comments:

Great car, especially because it's very cheap to purchase. However, maintenance is a bit more expensive, yet not something hysteric.

Steering is not very sharp (my baby is not equipped with power steering).

The engine is extra ordinare, it has a lot of power. The Manuel book says the top speed is 181 km/h, however, I saw 200! (and it could take a bit more higher, but I didn't want to push it too far). There's a little oil consumption, but it's really minor. Once you pass the 4,000 RPM, the sound is like a million dollars, and the acceleration is as well.

Stability during turns is not gorgeous.

My exemplar is the complete anti-stereotype of the Italian cars' electricity problems.

The plastics are generally in a good condition, yet you can find some evidences that they are Italian made.

The front seats hold your back very good, especially in turns. Even after a long ride, I don't feel tired.

The pedals are too close to each other.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2004

1994 Alfa Romeo 33 1.5


No problems at all.

General Comments:

Very good car, and very fast.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2001