2001 Ferrari 360 Modena


It couldn't have been better

General Comments:

I can certainly call this a perfect Ferrari. Whether this is good or bad you'll decide.

The engine just couldn't be any better. One day I'll find myself getting married with it. The engineering is supreme and just anything else you can think of is super.

Still, this is the small Ferrari.

I own 6 Ferrari's, of them this and my 550 Maranello are the newest.

The Maranello is a greater joy to ride around the town, no doubt. Its bigger and has better comfort in my opinion.

Its performance is certainly better, easily reaching 250 KPH in fourth great.

Its torque is magnificent and I've measured 0-100 in reasonably less than 5 seconds.

I use the 360 Modena for everyday use as it is a more practical car.

Nonetheless, its performance is staggering and that amazing 3.5L engine delivers a haunting 400 BPH.

The gear is excellent, but my advise is get the spyder if you can.

As an everyday car I wanted the one with the hardtop, but if you plan to use another car for everyday use get the spyder, it's a killer!

The brakes are also awesome and handling is almost as good as the Maranello's.

However, V8 is V8, and if you're used to Modena's (the city) marvousless V12's it may take time to adjust to the different feeling. For me, anyhow, it wasn't a hard blow.

Last, but not least, if you plan to have one Ferrari only (not recommended) - make sure it is the 512BB, only then think of anything else.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2002

19th Jun 2002, 15:02

You said that you could really feel the difference between the V12 and V8 could you explain them to me?

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3rd Oct 2005, 22:20

Yes, how can you tell the difference between a V8 and a V12?

Also, did you get a hardtop or a spyder?