1979 Fiat 127 0.9


No money, much honey


The motor sweats.

A leaking problem from the motor - gearbox oil -pakung place.

Rust, especially at the bottom of the front glass.

General Comments:

My expectations were not so high (what can you expect from a 22 year old 900cc car?). And mine is a 'replication' from Seat...

But, and that's a big BUT:

Performance not so bad - amazing for an old 900cc motor, even with four persons, and 15km per liter. Don't like highways, the motor is OK but only four gears.

Interior is brilliant: big enough for 4 average people (I mean with comfort), big baggage, and the plastics are still as new even in the hot Israeli sun. Yes, it's Fiat I'm talking about.

Reliability surprised me, but could be better, very cheap and easy to fix. That's the place to mention the car is driven VERY brutal and hard for the last too years, in that aspect - the car is very reliable.

It's also the place to mention that the car is very fun to drive, a good handling, steering wheel talks to you, they don't do them like that anymore.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 2nd May, 2001