2001 Hyundai Galloper TD Intercooler turbo diesel


Simple, honest, comfortable. Built to last mechanically, but with cheapish plastics and bad switches


The car has been unbelievably reliable. I expected it to be a cheap simple car. It turns out that is very reliable and very comfortable. It is nice to drive on-road and acceptable enough off-road. It isn't quite a match for a Defender or Patrol off-road, but it has never let me down. It is however much more comfortable on-road than the real mud-pluggers. The only thing that is frankly very poorly designed is the window switches. I spend a lot of time in the desert, and the dust keeps clogging up the switches. I then have to poke them out of the door handle, take apart, blow with compressed air and brush with contact solution. It solves the problem, but never for very long. There is almost always one window that gives trouble.

General Comments:

It is tough and simple to maintain.

It is cheap to fix, and the diesel is cheap to run.

It is like a Pajero, so it is very comfortable on-road.

It is under-estimated by other 4x4 fans, but usually surprises them with how competent it is. I have often made it to places that Landcruisers and Discoveries have not...

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2010

7th Aug 2011, 18:06

I'm fully agree all about the window switches, but it's a very comfortable SUV with affordable running costs.