1994 SAAB 9000 CDE 2.3 non turbo petrol


Cheap to buy, pricey to maintain, disappointing to have


Exhaust had corrosion, and finally developed a huge hole and needed replacement ($300).

Leak from the fuel tank, probably because it was damaged by the previous owner.

Cruise control doesn't work.

Fuel pump failed and needed replacement ($200).

Service lamp always on, nothing helped.

Auto box blew at 192000 km, didn't want to put another 2000 USD in it, so I just dumped it on some public parking.

General Comments:

The non turbo engine is very weak and unsatisfying.

The car is extremely thirsty on fuel.

Many small electrical staff does not work at all - very annoying.

This car does not fit a hot climate. I've heard many times about automatic gearbox early problems due to the hot climate.

Visiting the dealer's garage costs a fortune.

I had a Citroen once - it did more problems, but at least was comfortable. The SAAB 9000 is not very comfortable though. I didn't feel confident in the car, and always prayed not to be stuck. I'm a tall guy, and for me the driving position was a nightmare, even though it is a big car.

Very few garages will agree to take care of it and repair it.

Don't buy this car; it will take you a fortune to maintain and keep up going, but eventually you won't be pleased with it.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2012

24th May 2012, 09:35

Umm... Why did you buy this car??? I've owned 9 Saabs and never had issues like you have. You bought a old car that was not maintained by the previous owner, has over 190,000 miles on the car and you are complaining??? Then judge the entire Saab company on the one old junk Saab you bought??? Be reasonable. Try a NEWER Saab. Possibly a 2001, which is 11 years old, not 18 years old. THEN comment on Saab vehicles.

24th May 2012, 13:46

It's engineering like this that put Saab out of business.

25th May 2012, 08:57

That's 190k kilometers, not miles.

25th May 2012, 18:04

It seems to me it was GM that put Saab out of business.

28th May 2012, 02:12

GM actually gave Saab a few more years to live. When they bought 50% of Saab Automobile in 1990, Saab were already in danger of going under owing to several factors:

A) Dependence on too few markets to generate the majority of sales volume.

B) Too narrow a product offering.

C) Models that were too old to compete with newer offerings from their rivals.

D) Awful marketing that saw their cars appealing to too narrow a customer base.

Sadly, few, if any, of these issues were addressed under GM's stewardship.

To be fair to GM, even Ford screwed up Jaguar when they owned it.