2005 Seat Ibiza Stylant (S) 1.4 gasoline


A better buy than a VW Polo, but a weak gas guzzler


Though the original remote-control locking works fine, the dealer-installed addition with automatic window-closing, though original Volkswagen-Audi equipment, is often out of kilter.

General Comments:

The car is well built inside and out, safe and stable, quite roomy for a supermoini, has excellent road-holding qualities and pinpoint steering. It rides quite smoothly and quietly at expressway speeds (I've done 130 kph with no effort). The electronic climate control is a blessing, and, as regards optional equipment, the car is quite well fitted out, with 4 electric windows, 2 front and 2 side airbags, 3 rear-seat headrests, a glove compartment light (but no luggage compartment light!), even a spring-loaded front cupholder.

On the down side, the 1400 cc, 75 bhp engine w/automatic and a/c is too weak for so heavy a car and a real gas guzzler.

The car weighs 1094 kg, as compared to 1125 kg for my old Renault Megane with a 1600 cc engine and 110 bhp. My Ibiza averages 9-10 km/l, as compared to 12 km/l for the 1600 cc Megane.

On the climb to Jerusalem or the Carmel Mts. the car struggles, and I have to downshift to 3rd and 2nd gear.

The dealer told me that the reason the Ibiza doesn't come with a 1600 cc automatic is so that it won't compete with the VW Golf. I can believe that, because the previous model Ibiza did offer a 1600 cc, 100 bhp engine.

Another fault of the Ibiza is the hard ride on city street bumps. This is the price you pay for a taut suspension and the excellent road-hugging qualities.

My wife finds the upholstery uncomfortable and very "unpampering", as compared to the soft Megane seats.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2005

23rd Oct 2005, 04:13

I hired a manual version of this car on a recent holiday to the Canaries, and although pleasant enough to drive, I found it unbelievably gutless. On some of Lanzarote's mountain passes I was down to second gear in places, and even on the flat it seemed to take an age to get up to cruising speed. Joining dual carriageways was terrifying.

With the air-con on it was diabolical.

12th Jun 2006, 05:39

I have a 2006 1,4 l / 75 HP Ibiza and it's simply great. You won't do 200 kph, that's true, but maybe you don't need to. It's a great little car, much more honest than many other minis. And it also look much better than other. My wife has a 206 Peugeot, and that one is a very OK car, but I still prefer my Ibiza. The only thing I found a little bit annoying is the sound of the wind at high speed. I believe the wing mirrors should be re-designed. Oh, and there is a light in the trunk.

2002 Seat Ibiza Turbo 1.8 turbo


A high performance bargain


The clutch disk got broken, I had to replace the whole clutch after 15000 kilometers. but that was my fault since I kept my leg on the clutch while driving in the previous few days.

General Comments:

Amazing. best driving experience I have ever had. the car speeds like a devil, and amazingly stable on tight turns.

Its absolutly fun to drive.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2003