1996 Skoda Felicia 1.3 estate


Greedy little beast


Alternator broke a week after I bought the car.

The car refused to start, so the entire ignition system needed to be replaced 2 weeks after.

The steering system was loose and was replaced.

The gearbox was leaking, so the problem was fixed and the oil was changed.

Air conditioning was loosing gas, and needed to be fixed.

2 timing belts broke because of bad alignment of the pulleys.

In the last rain the car just stopped working and didn't start for 2 days. I've been told that is common problem of Skoda, but it's not so comforting when you go out with a car and come back home with 20 liters of water in your clothes.

The clutch cable broke at 143000 km. The clutch itself broke at 144000 km.

The water from the cooling system is disappearing, and nobody can figure how, as long as there is no leak. 1 liter of water per week seems to solve the problem.

Brake pads and the timing chain are making strange noises, but I'm already broke so they will have to wait.

General Comments:

In spite of the problems I had with it, I really like this car and I wouldn't change it for a Japanese or Korean car (these cars are the most popular in Israel). My mechanic said that it's just bad coincidence that everything broke at the same time, and most of the Felicias are not like that.

The service prices are reasonable for Israel, and I was lucky to find a garage that has also second-hand parts. Still, I invested more than 1000$ in repairs since I bought the car (5 months).

The engine is noisy, but this is one of the reasons I chose to buy Skoda. Silent cars with no personality that are looking all alike, they are just not my type.

No problems since now with the electrical system, which works perfectly even after 10 years of use. (few bulbs replaced, nothing more).

The car is quite comfortable, the handling is good even at high speeds, and it offers a lot of space for passengers and luggage.

I agree that 1.3 engine is not powerful enough for this car, and not even as economic as one would think (9l/100km). I tested also a 1.9 diesel Felicia and it's much better.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 11th April, 2006