1990 Fiat Uno 45 S 1.0


Reliable and cheap to run car with a lot of space inside


Clutch (normal after 95000 Km), ant. brake discs and tailgate lock.

General Comments:

The car is still very fast (145 KM/h) for its engine size and has no problem with electrical systems or roar. Fuel and oil consumption are still very low, that makes the car cheap to own and run.

Handling is easy also with rain or snow.

It has a lot of space inside, and it's easy to load it over the permitted weight. Unfortunately it's easy to steal or open, cause door locking is not reliable.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2000

13th Mar 2001, 13:46

I agree with the comments.

I run a 1991 45, 4-speed, for daily commute of 22 miles each direction. Recently used to take wife and our 3 children >300 miles each direction in preference to Renault Espace which is the vehicle we normally use as a family, because Fiat much better in snow.

Only real bother has been hesitation/cutting out when temperature gauge on the 'one quarter' mark when wearther cold or wet. Have had distributor cap replaced, carburettor pot cleaned out and temperature sensor voltage checked, all to no avail. Worst case has been in wet snow when had to wait 5 minutes to restart. Any ideas, or suggestions as to another web site I might try.


9th Aug 2005, 22:35

Have you replaced the fuel pump?