1999 Ford Puma Full Optional 1.3


Great mix of a compact with a sporty


Basically not big problems with it, just since 1 and half year there's a little noise in the front left wheel, but easy to fix it out. Just once it blew warm air instead of air conditioned.

General Comments:

This is a great car. A right mixture between a compact size (it's based on the Fiesta chassis) and a sporty coupe, very quick and fun to drive, even on the highways it gets its respect on speed. Anyway made for a in-city use, I was surprised for its performance to be a 1.3, I think it's enough for this light car, but to have more fun the 1.7 is better. Great handling, even on wet and slippery and a well balanced body. I suggest to take the full optional pack, it's very worth it, expecially today is very easy to find a good deal and easy to fix.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2004

12th Jan 2005, 09:05

I was just wondering about how much does it cost if you get all of the options and where could I find one if I live in the U.S.