2002 Mercedes-Benz A-Class 140 Avantgarde 1.4 petrol


Expensive, dull, boring, definitely not a genuine Merc


Rattles from the power steering, fixed by dealer.

After a "hard driving night" I was unable to use 2nd 4th and reverse gears. Problem solved by dealer.

Engine makes strange noises, camshaft was the reason, fixed by dealer, cost a lot of money.

Rattles from the interior just after 5000 km on the road.

Drivers seat broke and started moving when accelerating - braking.

Air condition failed, replaced mechanism, cost a lot.

General Comments:

It is a nice car and super roomy. However it is very dull to drive, and many times I prefer to take a taxi rather that driving it.

Steering system is nothing special, just turning the wheels left and right.

Very very expensive to buy, but dealer was very helpful and fixed some problems even when guarantee expired (bravo!!)

It sounds very dull too and I don't urge to bring up the revs.

It is slower than my previous Fiat, but its relatively high torque helps when overtaking.

Handling is a problem, since ESP in many cases works overtimes. If it wasn't for ESP, this car may be a wreck.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2005

4th Apr 2005, 03:48

"Hard drivung night" So you were racing it. You deserve any problems that come from your racing of the car. Too bad the dealership couldn't find out about this.

28th Nov 2006, 02:14

Um, "hard driving" and racing are two different things though. A car should be able to with stand hard driving, and therefor wouldn't matter if the dealer knew or not.