2001 Mitsubishi Pajero DiD full options 5 door LWB 3.2


Brilliant, fun, go anywhere, luxury SUV 4x4


There was a recall on the brakes; they worked but made a strange sound. I'd fixed the problem, but could not reclaim the money, pressure ball needed replacement.

Fuel tank needle gives false info; I think I need to replace the in tank float.

Temp sensor goes weird from time to time; that's a fault with the chip behind the dash clocks, which is replaceable. It doesn't bother me that much as it only happens now and then.

The oil sensor leaks oil as it gets old; costs less than €10.00 and an hour to change it due to its restricted location.

The rear light cable needs replacing as they oxidize; a very easy job to do with plug and play cables.

Wheel bearing needs replacing a bit too often, and the originals are much better quality than the after market ones, as are the CV joints.

Everything else, no problem.

The gear box (automatic), never changed the oil or filter, now 280k and still working fine. The oil still smells and looks good.

General Comments:

I can't fault this 4x4; it's an SUV for on and off road, and does it well. Drove from Italy to Ireland, kept it there for 2 years and drove it back, spent time in many cities in Italy, resting in Sardinia with me now.

Still going strong, some general maintenance needed like shocks, but that's to be expected. Some bushings need to be done too.

Love this car; it's full leather with half wood finish. I found it very good on long drives and at 2800m above sea level.

I'd buy the new model, but it looks less masculine. So I plan to do a complete rebuild with a brand new engine, and replace all the suspension bushes and a full gear box rebuild too. I'll spend €15k on it to make it new again. I just think from new it's going to last me my lifetime.

So much space inside the LWB 5 door. And at least the seats are real leather, not like the BMW's fake stuff.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2015