2007 Peugeot 207 THP Feline 1.6 turbo 150hp


Mediocre... with highs and downs


Rattles, rattles and rattles in the doors, main central plastic piece, boot.

Rattle and vibrations from the gearbox from start.

General Comments:

I bought a brand new Peugeot 207 THP, 150 horsepower, 1,6 liters BMW-PSA joint ventured powerplant in May 2007 after having read many reviews on magazines and on the internet.

Well, this was the first Peugeot we have bought and the first french car ever we bought.

After more than 3 months and around 7800 kms on its shoulders I have to point out that the engine is really a little gem, eager to rev high and with a good output. It feels like a diesel, but without the hideous rattles and with linear accelleration. It feels like en eletric engine sometimes, it's very very smooth and quite cheap on the pump station too...

The ride: it is quite hard on the disastrous roads we have here in Italy, it's not very comfortable at all.

It's a little less "hard" than my previous Mini Cooper S, but it is still hard (I was expecting something better honestly)

Build quality: that's the hardest part to describe. THe interior materials are really nice on the touch and feel, but they are assembled really bad. I have tons of rattles and squeaks from almost everywhere. Just today another one came out, on the extreme right on the passenger side. ALL those rattles are almost impossible to repair as they come from inside the dashboard...

I knew Peugeot were rattly cars, but I was hoping the new 207 would have been a little better than this.

The boot has always made a hideous rattle from the very day I bought it. I have adjusted it a bit, but it's still not that great.

The engine is rather "rattly" too, but the gearbox is REALLY noisy when at idle. Whenever the clutch pedal is pressed the noise goes away. Something is wrong on the clutch, flywheel, or the gearbox...

At a price of 19,100 euros the car was hi-specced and came with a lots of really interesting features (parking sensors, huge panoramic roof, MP3 reading radio, etc etc) that somehow makes you appreciate more the car.

All in all, a rather mediocre car, I was expecting really a better car from Peugeot.

The engine and the options included in this version should however make you quite happy, but maybe only on the short run.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2007

8th Nov 2007, 07:12

Mine has a rattle in the boot as well. Its the big lump of plastic that's not screwed to anything inside the spare wheel. I've put a bit of insulation round it and its stopped, but this shouldn't have to be done with a new car.