1996 Renault Clio UP D7F 1.2L 8v 4 cylinder


Cheap and honest


Nothing in particular, just normal wearing of parts.

Had a major accident in 1999, but the engine wasn't harmed, only the chassis got bent.

General Comments:

The Clio is very spacious for its size, and makes the ride for 4-5 people comfortable. The boot is deep, and makes the loading of big suitcases a bit hard.

However to make it, simple Renault put the spare wheel under the boot, outside the car.

Doesn't have luxury options, like power steering, ABS, air bags, only power brakes. The Clio UP was the most economy version, and didn't have as standard, comfort options like air conditioning, car stereo, electric mirrors and windows, fog lamps.

It doesn't have a good fuel economy, just 10km/Liter, but with the CNG conversion I installed, I can get easily 3.5kg/100km, that can be roughly compared to 62 UK-MPG.

It's just a 1.2L engine with about 58hp, but runs well at low RPM without power loss. It's a Euro2 with catalytic converter and multi-point injection system

The engine is really good. In 13 years it didn't do lots of kilometers, just 117k km, but the engine was never opened, just the standard oil change and spark-plugs. Spark-plug wires were the original ones until 2010.

The clutch is the original one, and only now (2011) is starting to slip a bit on really steep hill starts.

The manual transmission is good, no problem with it, is always a slow paced car, so don't expect F1 gear changes.

The chassis is a bit heavy for a little hatchback like the Clio, but makes the car feel safer.

It rolls a lot on fast corners.

Wheels are a bit small, just a common 155/70R13 tires and the high distance from the ground easily accentuates the body roll.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2011