1992 Toyota Celica 1.6 ST 1.6


A nice and very reliable car with a great design


Front disk brakes replaced twice a year (every 20000 km) due to excessive vibrations. Issue permanently fixed with "Brembo" kit.

Cruise-control broken at 100.000 km.

Alternator ball bearing substituted at 150.000 km.

Clutch substituted at 250.000 km.

Internal switches quality and materials very poor.

Air conditioning and ventilation never been effective.

Original AM/FM radio too basic.

General Comments:

Good value for money car.

Still prefer its design if compared with most recent Celica.

Too heavy car for a 1.6 Lt engine, but still fast once adequately launched.

Never had any electrical problems, only changed one front headlight lamp in 6 years.

Original front wheel brakes under engineered for the car's weight.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 9th June, 2003