2009 Volkswagen Golf Highline 2.0 turbo diesel


Wonderful car!!


Steering suddenly became 'sticky'. It is not smooth, and feels like it sticks in the centre position. The was after 15,000km.

General Comments:

Couldn't have been more pleased with the car..! Very economical (average 5L/100km), it's comfortable, the build quality is excellent. It's the 110bhp so not very fast, but still good and handles very well. Plenty of space inside. Boot is good. Seats not perfect - not enough under-leg support and it doesn't adjust in the way they need too - especially tilt.

Usual problems with dealers in Italy. Lack of information, assume you know nothing about cars so try to charge for everything they can dream of. They said the steering was probably the tracking.. unlikely as it only happens when the car gets warm. So, they kept us waiting for three and half hours and then told us it didn't solve it. It's the rack which will be replaced under warranty. But then they charged us 77 euros for doing the tacking!!! Was their wrong diagnosis.. Once they replace the rack, we'll argue this point with VW. They also charge 30 euros a day for leaving the car with them when they fix it.. What??! That's very imaginative of them.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2010

9th Jul 2010, 10:14

** UPDATE **

Steering was fixed with no drama and no charge. Now it's perfect. Did 1,200km in one day last week and it was faultless. Fuel economy is incredible! On the highway at around 130kph, get 4.8ltr/100km no problem.

Had its first service - was around 240 euros, and the next one is at 50,000km!

A really great car. Much better quality than anything Japan can produce. No annoying buzzers and beeps to tell you the door's open or the key is in the ignition.. Everything is at hand and works well. Seats are very comfortable, even on long journeys, and the boot is a good size.

Only things it lacks: a place to plug in a memory stick for MP3 and a cigar lighter in the back for the kids stuff - DVD, iPods, etc.

12th Jan 2011, 03:51

::Update 2::

Steering has gone again after one year (the car is now 18 months old). Took it to VW Asti (Negro) they kept it for a whole day and said there was no problem with it... Like I have nothing better to do! They said it was probably the road surface or snow tyres! Wrote to VW Italia and the said to take it back. It's going in on Friday (different garage), they think it might be a software problem. Not so sure about that. More wasted time and a car that drives like a nightmare when it's warm.

Otherwise perfect. We just got a bad one it seems, still very economical. Done 50,000km.

16th Jan 2012, 08:10

::UPDATE 3::

The car has now done 83,000km and has had two new steering boxes; now it's gone again! VW Italy aren't interested, as the warranty is out, but the car has always had the same issue.

I've now written to VW Germany in the hope of getting it fixed properly. I really regret spending so much on a car. I could have bought an Alfa MiTo for half the price. With the devaluation of the Golf, I could have scrapped the MiTo now and be in the same position, but with a car that works.. The Golf is a really great car, but mine is a DOG. Everything else is perfect, really. I just got a bad one. Next time: Buy something cheaper..

2001 Volkswagen Golf Comfort 1.4


Great piece of german car making


Nothing. I never had any problems with this car, it started in all conditions, every time, first time.

The only issue with this car is that due to its low hp, it drives like a tractor.

General Comments:

If you want a reliable car that will drive you anywhere for miles, and never give you any engine problems, then this is for you. BUY ONE, even if it's just to keep in the garage for an emergency. It is a tank.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2009