1993 Honda Ascot TS(?) 2L petrol


Great engineering means fun to drive!


Very little has gone wrong before I was able to repair and replace: buying a ten year old car, I knew what would need fixing before I got into it, but one thing was the circuit board behind the dash.

The instrument display, ie the speedo, rev counter and other gauges suddenly began moving randomly one day. The performance of the car was unaffected, but the poltergeist had moved in.

A new instrument display would cost $800 or more, so I went for the $80 second-hand option and installed it myself. The back of the circuit board on both mine and the replacement were burned to black in almost the same area. This replacement also had a fault: the 'brake' light would not turn off, so I removed that bulb. It's been working fine for over a year now.

General Comments:

Otherwise, I love driving it! For an FF car, it's surprisingly comfortable and loves cruising on the freeway. The longitudinal placement of the engine gives the car a comparatively excellent weight distribution.

With the engine configuration, it also moves along mountain roads more like an FR, but I recommend some low profiles and 17".

New brakes, tyres, rims, timing belt, headlights, instrument panel, etc etc and a bunch of DIY, and I've spent the same on repairs as the original price: A great car, considering I've spent less than $6000 in total over seven years.

It's no Skyline, but it's not lazy!

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2010