1993 Honda del Sol Si


I love my Del Sol!


The previous owner didn't take very good care of the car. But it was still a steal at $1,000.

There is a dent on the right rear side and what looks like key marks on the left rear side.

The roof rattles at times and leaks when it rains. But it is so minor that you barely notice.

So far we have spent $1,600 on various repairs. not all of them were needed right away. Things like the new tires and battery were just extra items that we took care of while the car was in the shop.

The real problem with the car is the synchronization of the gears. Reverse grinds sometimes and also 2nd gear if you don't let the RPMs fall below 2,000. this also presents a problem when you have to downshift. To repair this problem is going to cost us about $1,400.

General Comments:

I have wanted a Del Sol for many years now and my boyfriend surprised me over the holiday.

The car has a lot of get up and go and handles well.

I've noticed that the cruise control holds up very well going up and down hills.

Everything is within easy reach, except for the cup holders. They are a problem with a passenger in the car.

There is a lot of room inside. My boyfriend is 6ft. 3in. and he is able to sit in the drivers seat without a problem. I on the other hand, need a pillow to sit on when I drive.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 4th January, 2003