1988 Honda Legend Coupe gas


A large sports car with a back seat and a trunk


The ABS (anti-lock brake system) never worked, but it didn't keep the car from stopping well. In fact, the stopping power was great. I only found out that it was a problem when I had a "clicking" sound that only appeared when in motion checked out.

A few interior trim pieces were broken when purchased.

The alternator and battery needed replacing at about 95000 km.

The defroster quit working just before I traded it in on my current car.

General Comments:

I sold my previous car with the idea that I was going to replace it with a big, flash convertible. However, before I found the perfect car, I found the perfect house and bought it instead. This meant that I had to put off the purchase of my dream car for a while, and so I bought this Legend as a "bridge" car. I got it for about $300 U.S. and even though I had many more problems than I would have liked, it was the best $300 car I ever bought. It served me well until it was time (and I was able) to move on.

This car was extremely comfortable and surprisingly fun to drive for a large, "personal coupe."

It was very fast off the mark and handled quite well.

However, whenever I drove it like the performance car it secretly was, the gas mileage suffered tremendously.

I loved the lines of the coupe model, but it was often inconvenient to live with just two doors. This was especially true in parking lots where the longer doors could not always open far enough to permit easy entrance or exit.

The leather seats got extremely hot in the summer sun, so we had to put seat covers on during hot weather.

The trunk was incredibly large and probably held more cubic feet of cargo than my '76 Corolla wagon that I had when I was a student.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 30th October, 2004