1994 Mazda Lantis 2.0L KF-ZE V6 170 HP 140FT-LB 1999CC


Outstanding. # 1 Girlfriend so far


Due to previous owner's driving style, spirited driving overwhelmed the transmission. Drive failed and so did the transmission sensor. Replacement parts are now difficult to find especially in Japan. Also the seat belt latching device on the driver side failed.

General Comments:

I believe this will be my most favorite car unless I purchase a Ferrari.

I would love to keep this car and take it to the USA; however, replacement parts are now difficult to find, especially in Japan. I could only imagine how hard it will be in the USA to find parts and I'm sure transporting the car to the USA will exceed my budget.

Even though this car would benefit more from a Manual Transmission than an automatic the engine is essentially new. A rebuilt engine was put in at about 80,000 Kilometers so I expect the transmission to fail.

She is one agile beast. I'm constantly surprised at the smooth and on point steering responsiveness and it's ability to navigate corners at high speed. Acceleration is a little sluggish above 100 KPH and above. The car will peg the speedometer's hand and ask for more. The 11 year old transmission tends to disagree a little with that behavior.

The transmission failure was really annoying and quite expensive to fix. If it wasn't for the re-built engine, the beautiful paint job, recent installation of GPS, and new brake pads I'm sure I would have junked the car. It still would have been a very difficult moment. The car is beautiful.

The Mazda Lantis considered the 5-door Porsche. Is holding it's own masterfully. When I have to let it go or when the transmission can't take no more I will be devastated. We have already bonded better than any girlfriend I have encountered.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2006

4th Sep 2006, 11:22

I live in Tokyo and have a Mazda Lantis as well. I noted that you had the car repainted. May I inquire as to where? I really want to get a custom job done, want to go with Gun Metal. I got a feeling it'll be just beautiful.