2012 Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6 N/A petrol


All rounder! So great!


Sometimes the engine revs do not drop down quickly when I release the gas.

I am wondering why Swift Sport sold in Japan doesn't have a watch on the information display at the center of instrument panel, and doesn't have air bags mounted in the front seats? It is disappointing to me.

General Comments:

The car's agility is superb, thanks to the firm and well damped suspension.

Really stable, in spite of driving fast, and taking a quick turn on the hairpin curve.

Amazingly comfortable ride is given on the city roads at low speeds.

The front seats are supportive, and a little bit narrow due to the tall side supports.

The cabin is not so big, so it would be tough to go traveling full with passengers and their luggage.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2012

9th May 2012, 09:27

Good review, but I drive the new 2012 UKDM Suzuki Swift Sport, and it has been great. I have only covered 700 miles, so can't really push the engine much, but I also have the trouble of releasing the throttle and the revs not dropping quick enough. My main dealer told me it's because of the drive by wire; it can be adjusted at a service.

But seriously, it is truly a great hot hatch. The handling is amazing, and it proves you don't need 200+ BHP to have fun.

Also the petrol consumption is surprisingly very good, averaging 42.5MPG around town, and 50ish MPG motorway on quite a tight engine still.

I will write my own review after I have broke the engine in, and hit a few track sessions.

29th May 2013, 06:51

I have had my 2012 Swift Sport (UK model) for over a year now, and it has been a pleasure to drive; no problems whatsoever. It gets great MPG and is so fun to drive.

The only annoyance is the paint is very thin. There's a few stone chips on the front bumper. Might get it partially wrapped in clear plastic, just to protect the paint. A few other owners literally got the front bumper, bonnet and wings wrapped, or even the full car.

2003 Suzuki Swift SE-Z 1.3 DOHC


Good small car



General Comments:

Easy to drive in Sri Lankan roads because of its size and overtaking ability.

Easy to drive.

Good fuel efficiency.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2007

29th Jun 2009, 02:58

Advantages : Small, economical, stable

Disadvantages: No English drivers manual available, please translate the Japanese one and post it in the web.

1993 Suzuki Swift L Sedan 1.3


Very economic and practical


Sorry, my first language is the french.

Nothing has gone wrong with my car. Recently, I have changing the starter 2 times, also the brakes (rotor).

General Comments:

This car is perfect for a student like me.

Swift mechanicals are very easy, I do every repair on it.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2001