1993 Toyota Mark II Tourer V 2.5L Twin turbo


In one sentence, if you see one of these and you like fast sleeper cars, buy it quick!


The only thing that has gone wrong with this car so far, is an exhaust leak (at the front of the car) due to rusty bolts. But really this is an amazing car, especially for the price.

General Comments:

The interior of this car is nothing special by any means. This is probably the worst thing about this car.

On the outside the car looks great; sort of a family car almost, which makes this car ideal for people like me who love sleeper cars.

This Mark II is unbelievably fast. Never would have thought I would be in a four door sedan holding on for dear life with my head stuck to the seat.

It is also easily upgradeable; with the few upgrades I have done (ie: exhaust, pipes, intercooler, and tires) 350hp is easily obtainable.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 3rd November, 2008