2006 Chery QQ S10 0.8


The electric windows are trash, the A/C kills the car and you have to put your foot down to the max to keep it running.

After 3 months the doors started to squeak, it catches dirt like a magnet, and the gear box is a joke, need I say more...

And it costs a lot of money... it's not worth it at all. And the service center is the bigger joke, you are better off going to some one else, they have no clue what they are doing or they just don't want to...

General Comments:

It's a pile of crap...

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 30th June, 2008

21st Sep 2012, 00:26

When Alfred Sloan set up GM, he deduced that people wanted nice cars... and that people without a lot of money also wanted nice cars. So he decided to make changes in the styling every couple years, and shame the wealthy into buying new cars. This left perfectly good cars available (at low cost) for people wanting to spend less on their cars.

My point? Why not follow Mr. Sloans advice and buy-drive a used car? A real car. Then we all get to drive well built cars, just with a few extra miles-kilometers on them. As for me; I'd rather drive a nice, reliable, well built car with a few years on it, than a "new" bucket of bolts. Any day of the week. And with a grossly lower cost, a thousand extra liters of fuel per year because of a bigger-better car... more than makes up for itself.

Sloan was right. Driving a safer, more reliable car can be had for all. If we just get over wanting a new cheap car vs a used real car. Don't get me wrong; some of my favorite cars have been cheap little cars. But only ones with proven histories of reliability and safety. I don't care if it's small... or cheap. If it's well designed... and well built... then it will be an even better buy as a used car.