2000 Kia Sportage EX 2.0 petrol


Piece of s...


From the first day I got that car, my life changed.. the problems started, and they've never come to an end.

The car is so weak that a 1.0 litre car is more powerful.

Amman is full of mountains, and here comes my nightmare everyday when I'm driving uphill in rush hour.

I can't use the very weak air conditioning, as the temperature will rise, and the power, which is already low, will be lower.

The noise inside and outside is just my daily habit.. I can't talk to anyone riding with me.

On speed bumps, I feel that the car will collapse at anytime

The gas consumption is so high that you would think that you have a 6.0 engine, but with no influence on speed or torque.

It was really embarrassing to use this car with the 4x4 sign on the side, but I asked a Honda Civic for help, since the four wheel drive was so weak, as with every other thing in this car.

In conclusion, this is the worst car to buy ever.

Be careful when you are driving, because it is not safe at all..

General Comments:

Never ever think of it as a 4x4, or even as a car; it is just a metal box on 4 wheels.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2010