1991 Opel Vectra SL 2.0


A great reliable car


The oxygen sensor was changed at 165000.

The fuel pump was changed at 180000.

General Comments:

A problem never fixed was the (orange) engine light coming up from time to time... I wonder if someone can help me?

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Review Date: 15th September, 2009

15th Sep 2009, 09:26

You don't have to fix it. It's normal in OPEL. I remember my father had Opel Kadet, it was the same. And my Father has 93 Opel Vectra, and it's the same as well. And I have 1991 Opel Calibra and guess what!! It's the same like yours and my fathers.. no big deal. Just ignore it.

1995 Opel Vectra GL 1.8


I love OPEL!! what to do for this one?


Radiator leaks (Frequent)

Very slow acceleration (No solution)

Very High fuel consumption 8.5-9 Km/L (No solution)

General Comments:

The car is very beautiful (Deep black) and very comfortable, but I had a 1.6L Vectra 1990 before it and was noticeably faster & stronger, even this car looks like NEW and the previous owner was very light user for it!

I'm thinking of changing the motor to 2.0 L injection (?)

May any body advise what best 15" tires would be (Look & Performance)?

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Review Date: 30th October, 2005

12th Jun 2006, 13:31

A 1.6i Vectra could by no means be stronger than a 2.0i. If you still have the car, clean the injectors and change the fuel and air filters. I would also advise you to use only high quality fuel. Also, it would be wise to have the engine checked.

1991 Opel Vectra 4x4 2.0i


Good enough for its price


Rusted chassis and rain water leakage into the baggage compartment since purchase.

Brake pump failure at 183000.

Standard items like clutch, brakes, timing belt, clutch, oxygen sensor at 185000km.

Heater radiator leakage at 187000.

Cooling water pump failure at 187000.

Coil spring failure at 190000.

"Motoronic" computer chip failure at 193000.

Oil gaskets leakage on all levels at 195000.

Rear wheel axle bearing failure at 197000.

Radiator blew up at 204000.

Front Suspension failure at 205000.

General Comments:

Well, may be I bought an old used car that the previous owner did not take much care of, but the frequency of failures was quite high nevertheless.

Spare parts was a problem, as the dealer could not provide spare parts for a 4x4 car since it was not commercially sold in the area.

Car stability at high speed is magnificent, especially at curves, however the acceleration is slow for 2.0L engine.

Maintenance of interior electrical parts is not easy, you have to take everything out to change a light.

4x4 Vectra has a completely different design on belts and mechanical parts than the standard Opel Vectra, which makes it very difficult to find used spare parts.

The engine operates at high temperature, and there's constant loss of cooling water, the car would over heat at any climatic heat elevation, which is critical in area with hot climate.

The Opel Vectra requires continuous care and maintenance, and is not suited for people with low car maintenance experience.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2002