2008 Volkswagen Golf GT Sport 1.6 petrol


A prime example of an image over content approach, backed with the once glorious German standards


I still remember the day I drove out of the dealer's parking lot and thought about the years to come before I would do the same again. Not so many!

At around 3,000 Km, the steering wheel did not feel as firm as the price tag. Noticeable play was now a major issue, back to the two hands grip position of my previous BMW 318ti that behaved as such at around 250,000Km. Shortly after, the front-right control arm was already sounding like that of a juiceless joint.

At almost 10,000Km, the transmission starting kicking on first gear, a jerk powerful enough to spill a half filled cup of coffee on the black cloth upholstery that is fading like that of a cheap shirt worn on a sunny afternoon.

Currently at 15,000, the interior is falling apart like autumn leaves; the rear cup holder remains open because it refused to be tucked back again, the gear shifter wobbles like an egg facing a storm, and the seat position handles are probably worse than those of an office chair.

General Comments:

The car is constructed in a very poor manner; loosely playing joints, weak components, and quickly deteriorating interior.

The 1.6 petrol versions are severely underpowered, and would require an extremely economy regulated driving style to reach the vicinity of 6L/100Km.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2010