1994 BMW 3 Series IA Coupe 1.6 M43


An attractive fun-to-drive car for a young man who enjoys sporty cruises


Had to replace the rear shock mounts a week later from purchase.

Squeaky from inside.

Dash board and date/time indicator has dimmed digit light.

Windows pull down an inch when I open the 2 doors.

Door panels need new mounts.

Once, air got trapped into the coolant circuit which caused overheating.

General Comments:

I always wanted to buy this car, it is built like a rock and made to last.

It can be so easily tuned in case you feel it's kind of slow.

Excellent gas mileage.

Great handling and fun to drive, especially if you switch it to sport mode.

If you have the experience, you can fix almost anything related to this car by yourself.

And oh, IT'S A BMW!!

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Review Date: 14th May, 2004

23rd May 2004, 15:48

"Windows pull down an inch when I open the 2 doors"

That isn't a negative thing, it's a design feature, "they all do that"

28th May 2004, 04:00

I didn't know that, thanks for the info.

At first I thought it was a common problem, not a common design.