1992 Chrysler LeBaron LX 3.0 V6


Fun Drop-top reliable ride for a great value


Soft Top and top latches wore off and were replaced when bought at 30k miles.

Rear quarter window motors lagged, replaced at around 50K miles.

Gasket blew, fixed and Transmission started slipping at around 60K miles, had it rebuilt. On a side note, I do drive rough.

General Comments:

I bought this car for $6500 with very low mileage and had an all-around wonderful experience with it, which gladly surprised me at that price range. Aside from some minor repairs and a tune up at 60K miles, I found this car to be VERY reliable.

The 3.0 V6 Engine yields a powerful responsive acceleration and the soft suspension makes for a luxuriously smooth ride on those long trips.

The lower points are handling quality and body shake during those turns and bumps which is typical of early 90's convertibles. Otherwise it drives pretty well on snow thanks to the FWD.

If you're on a limited budget and are looking for a fun convertible and reliable car, don't look elsewhere.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2004

27th Nov 2005, 20:00

I have a 92 Chrysler Le baron convertible, it was given to me. A friend, of mine, was using it for a parts car and had taken out the radiator and AC compressor. He was moving and was just going to send it to the junk yard. He said, that he had driven it 2 years ago and had parked it. I put on a fuel pump and the radiator that was needed and then I took the car to the mechanic to have it checked out. He said it needed brakes. Also, the speedometer doesn't work and the mechanic is searching for parts. I can't wait to get it home. I hope, that I don't have any trouble with it. I have already spent $700 for tires, battery, etc, all before getting the mechanic's bill. I really like the styling-especially the top.