1987 Nissan Sunny SLX station wagon 1.6 gasoline


Cute utility, but underpowered


Final drive axle broke on a steep road take off. It was found to be welded previously, which is not a wise thing to do since it poses danger to safety.

A persistent stalling problem started and no mechanic could figure out why. The engine would stall and then start right away as if nothing had happened. Even at high speeds it would stall and run right away in a glimpse. I had to live with this for 7 months until I myself decided to change the spark plug lines which solved the problem.

The sunroof was leaking since I bought the car, and that was a pain.

Brake disks and pads needed to be replaced more frequently than normal, but the car was driven hard all the time on the mountainous roads of Lebanon.

General Comments:

Being a station wagon, this car was a surprise in utility to everyone despite its small size. I used to fold down the bag seats and throw in almost anything!

Gas consumption was low although it should have been better for a 70 horsepower engine.

Built quality was decent. The Interior had a clean design with lots of glass area to give an airy impression.

My Sunny was white with body colored bumpers, so my friends decided to call it "Snow White".

I loved my "Snow White" but the lack of power made me always crave for more.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 26th April, 2002