2004 Renault Megane Sedan 1.6 16v


Don't even bother thinking about it


I used to drive between 5000 and 6000 RPM all the time, so you should take the into consideration when reading the stuff below.

Within a few months, I got a problem with the transmission, it was changing gears very roughly, like I can hear and feel a big shock going on. It was an electrical problem and they just changed a chip on the warranty. (2005)

And once in 2008, I washed the car on the gas station, they moved the front seat because I didn't really move it for more than a year. A wire moved, and the airbag light went on. It was like the passenger airbag is turned off, even though after I asked about it, they said it was a false alarm.

And at the same time, I had a problem starting the car with the ignition. The mechanic taught me a way that if the car didn't start I just move the part and it will work again! I mean, what is that? Very weak stuff! I can change it and buy another, but he said it's no big deal.

After that, I started having problems with the engine, like when I stop at a crossroad, the engine revs, will just go to zero and not stop on 600! Also I could hear like I had a cylinder that is not working. I was in an area away from home, and the car broke down, I had to stop, and call the mechanic. It really sucks, I had to drive all the way, and afraid that the engine will just fail me on every stop.

After that last problem, I kept on going to the mechanics many times, and I replaced lots of parts in the engine. It was like a never ending cycle!

I don't drive much, so my car stays in the garage more than I drive it!

General Comments:

I bought the 1.6 16V petrol engine, and it's a Sedan.

So it was already a weak engine. What did the French do? They split the second gear into 2 gears! So when the RPM reaches 4,000 it goes back to 3,000 it's like an added half gear, to add fuel economy, but to kill the already weak power!

They didn't tell me that before I bought it!

So if you want to take it on mountain roads, even a bit of hill, it will give you problems especially if you have 3 or more people in the car.

The handling on highways is really good, even at high speeds, but I don't advise going fast in fast corners on water (because that's how the car died), unless you have add a rear wing. But still it's a big risk, especially here.

I had driven 24,000 kms in that car before crashing it.

I certainly don't advise anyone to buy Renault, the style is good, but the essential stuff, they are a real failure at. Buy a Subaru.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2010