1991 BMW 3 Series e36 1.6 Benzine


BMW rules


Despite the car being old and a lot of parts needing to be changed (I didn't change them), it was going so great and so smooth and nice. BMW is a rock! The car was a bit noisy (of course.. for 2 years it didn't enter any service or oil change).. but it was awesome..

General Comments:

This BMW is really a good car and reliable. Expensive parts, but once you enter service you won't enter again!

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Review Date: 27th August, 2009

1992 BMW 3 Series 325i Coupe 2.5


Good-looking reliable performer - all you need


Alternator belt holder flew off while driving. Purely my fault for not replacing it when purchased the car.

Speedometer has started showing random things, but somehow fixed itself 2 days later. No problems anymore.

So basically nothing wrong with the car itself whatsoever.

General Comments:

The car is a perfect example of BMW engineering. It has been built 14 years ago, but after being well looked-after, the Coupe is still a head turner and above all an amazingly great performer.

For certain reasons I had to buy an automatic, but the disadvantages of this gearbox are easily compensated by the 192 horses under the hood. The pull is so excellent, it's really hard to keep yourself within the speed limits. 0-100 km/h is easily achieved in 9 seconds. I took it out to a 4000 km trip to Germany. Entire distance was driven in the speeds varying from 160 to 240 km/h. The gears apparently are quite long, because while at 210 the tachometer shows only slightly over 4k rpm. And only mere 5k rpm when driving at 240. So knowing there's still a thousand revs left until the redline, I assume it can easily exceed 250 km/h barrier. All that without a minor breakdown. Think of another affordable vehicle with that kind of performance and reliability.

It also survived the track test brilliantly. The over-steer caused by rear wheel drive is easily killed with a light opposite steer. It handles absolutely perfectly. Lapping Nurburgring Nordschleife was a sheer driving pleasure, just like BMW itself says.

Expensive pleasure though. With me at the wheel, in city area it consumes nearly 15 liters / 100 km, while out on the freeway with constant 140 km/h, it's easy to stay within 8-10. So relatively economic on the other hand too.

Backseat space isn't perfect. But if you look at it with the Coupe standard in mind, it's a real limo. In other cars of that kind, there is literally no leg space in the back, while in this BMW 4 people can travel really easily. Maybe not around the world and not like in a sedan, but surely better than in any other Coupe I can think of.

After all the 10.000 km in total that I've driven it (and I've driven it really, really hard), it still works like brand new. Absolutely flawless.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2006

1986 BMW 3 Series 324 2.4 diesel


One of the best BMW, and definitely superb first car


Front seats were totally worn out.

Draining rails (don't know which) got junked, thus water would get into, and keep on the car's floor. (264k km)

All hinges wore out (by the 274k km)

Heater failed. It wouldn't blow hot air. (273k km)

One of the rear springs broke (267k km)

General Comments:

My BMW was 4door sedan, with KameiX body kit, and lowered springs. So it looked really good.

Engine was an upset in performance, but a relief in fuel saving - 88bhp, while 7l/100km (36mpg).

Lowered (original) springs did they job, and the car handled superbly.

Noise level in the car was too high, when driving above 90km/h (55miles/h).

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Review Date: 7th March, 2006

1986 BMW 3 Series 325e 2.7


A good car for it's price


The driver's seat break down.

I bought it fixed, but the head of the engine was dead before me.

Leaking of break fluid.

Plus some funny problems, like broken lamp in cabin, etc.

General Comments:

I paid 500 euro for it. The car goes very well, however there is not much space in the back. It should be quicker with engine this big, but the torque is huge, like in diesel, so it's really amazing when I can accelerate so quickly on any gear. Doors of the car do not close easily. It has absolutely no rust. Still, if time would turn back, I'd buy a 3 series BMW, but with 2.5 engine..

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2004

1990 BMW 3 Series I 1.8i 16v


Not bad, could be better. Well built


At first I got this car, it's inside lighting system was dead - no lights on speedometer, on heat knobs, etc.

Seats a weak constructed, wearing bad.

Fails any electrical part of car, except the ECU controller.

Clamp is not working so soft as in my previous Audi 100 - it's not easy to begin ride from the 0kph - it pulls strongly than acceleration disappears, makes you feel discomforted. Especially, when car is filled with 3 persons or more in 1st and 2nd gears.

The fuel pump makes a big noise - it's gonna fail some day, and need to be changed. But with this noise I drew almost 20.000 of km!

Some kind of convulsions, when going at low speeds in low gears. No body can solve this problem.

Front ant rear shock absorbers are near to end.

Drive colon is need to be changed, because bigger amount of parts of this unit is unfixable failed.

Replaced the front sway bar.

Replaced the front brake disc's.

Replaced the front bearings in above sides.

Strange vibration to the steering wheel - nobody also can solve this problem.

Changed rear springs, enough cheap to fix.

General Comments:

This is not a bad car. Pulls 0 to 100 kph up to 10.5 sec.

The stronger pull reaches up in 4000 RPM.

Easy to handle.

Economical, escpecially in city.

The interior design could be better - plenty of cheap details.

Too big noise of engine inside.

Seat material also could be better.

If you do a tuning inside car - it becomes more fine.

Also it starts without any problems, while standing in cold temperature all night.

Not too much rust.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2003