1989 Ford Sierra Turnier LX 2.3 diesel


Very comfortable car, strong and patient one


My gearbox crashed at ~100000 km.

Changed silent-blocks.

Change shock absorbers every 20000 (we have a lot of gravel and other bad quality roads in Lithuania, that I drive trough everyday).

Driver and back doors got rotten.

Roof window doesn't like rain and snow - got stuck.

Changed all bearings.

General Comments:

2.3 diesel engine is unbreakable.

However, diesel engine is very lazy and slow (too slow).

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 21st June, 2002

23rd Mar 2008, 15:31

These are great cars. I agree with you, too slow, but the upside of this is that the engine is so unstressed at only 67 bhp that it will reward your patience by running forever! I have a 2.3 D sapphire, they can bury me in it. I absolutely love it.