1994 Jaguar XJ6 Sovereign 4.0


Yes... name, beauty, history... but just as second car in my garage


Air flow meter (got it very cheap, a used one).

Oil pressure meter (oil started to leak from it, got it used, a very very cheap used one. New; would have to wait for three weeks).

Now reductor is leaking, rear ball bearing needs to be replaced, same rubber parts in suspension need to be replaced.

All electronics are still working.

It has quality new paint finish, done before I bought it, I have done rust prevention under the body... but it rusts everywhere it is not protected. And rusts to holes... it is so sad... such a beautiful car...

General Comments:

It is very beautiful car. That is why I bought it, as a second car. But now I use it every day. Because I have sold my first one.

It uses not much fuel for 4.0 engine. 14-16 l/100km in town, and 8-9 in highways. But it is expensive for me for every day use. Fuel costs its own price every 10 000 km :)

Comfort is low for such a big car, performance is good enough. But with such stiff suspension, it is too little sporty but bumpy.

It is so much fun in snow, it slides slowly enough sideways, so I can do things I couldn't with my BMW, because it was unpredictable in some situations (tires may be). The Jag is big and slow in the corners if compared. It need stiffer suspension and better fuel economy, and rust rust rust....

I like the looks, but it drives like a very heavy car... automatic transmission is good I think, but I miss manual very much. I miss my tail happy BMW 318 ti with KONI adjustable shock absorbers.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 1st April, 2010