1988 Mercedes-Benz E-Class CE, Coupe 3.0 petros


Nice, perfect, lovely... I am crazy for you..


I went to service for the engine inspection. Something was wrong with injection, sometimes it suddenly was shutting down in pretty unexpected situations - crossroads or even straight road. They fixed it, but sad that the suspension needs for a serious surgery. So I sad them to change everything they find it wrong. And they did so. Nearly everything possible to change. It cost me hell of the a lot. But that's naturally understandable because my MB has beautiful 17" wheels, which causes such problems. Also I have changed sparks, plugs, oils, operating block of the gear box (it still face some problems of saltatory gear change), engine front oil-seal, and some gear box seals too because of huge oil leak.

Now I also face some inside - dashboard, panels and doors creaks.

General Comments:

This model is a masterpiece of design. It’s a 16 years old, but I still it find trend-setting, powerful, finished and sexy. You will be wrong if you expect tremendous performance of 3 liter engine. It’s rather slow, lazy, sleepy vehicle, but this thing was not created for a drag or other kinds of race. You drive slow, you listen to your perfect stereo, you keep your right hand on the armrest, and drive with the left’s forefinger, you feel perfect and comfortable in it’s seats – you enjoy the views outside the windows….

It’s a car I don’t think will be created ever again since the marketing chose to a wrong direction in the crossroad of future.

It’s also good to know that this bargain is slowly depreciated.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 9th September, 2004