1995 Mitsubishi Colt GLX probably :) 1.6 16v petrol


Little fast and comfortable


Nothing serious, just sort of these things which always occur if you use your car a lot:

*one of high voltage wires, relatively expensive, but it took 3 minutes to change it;

*replaced one protecting rubber for steering element in chassis.

*electric windows. Both of them sometimes stick and you need to assist with hand. Maybe because of previos car crash. I did not do anything about this

*uneven braking due to mini deformation of front brake disks.

General Comments:

Young city spirit car. Fast in everything: air condinioning is very cold almost immediately after turning on, car gets warm in 3 minutes even if it's -15 by Celsius.

1.6 16v engine is quite lively even in low revs and pushes hard when it gets to >3.5 rev/min and still remains economical.

Ride is not soft, but it gives a sporty feeling - and handles very well.

Enough space in front for 2.05 meter tall person, but back seats are just for children, small trunk.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 26th January, 2004