2002 Nissan Primera Acenta 2.2 turbo diesel


Economy diesel racer with premium class comfort


Still nothing major, only small UK assembly faults - rubber packets of luggage compartment have note been glued well, service had to tighten several bolts, still there are some small sounds inside, but they are tiny, and dealers will fix that next week during usual maintenance.

General Comments:

2.2L 126 HP diesel is really powerful, can challenge most of 2 liters petrol cars. Especially when turbo switches on ;)

Interior is superb - see no much difference from Audi comfort. Sound isolation is really good, you don't hear much of a noise running at 160 km/h, 6 speed gearbox is great for economy - my average diesel consumption is 6-6.5 liter / 100 km with 40% urban usage, however its very accurate too - you won't make any mistake when switching the gears.

Xenon headlights are just great, can't imagine how I used to see something with standard ones before.

And exterior looks like UFO landed - had lost of turned heads when got this car.

However the chassis suspension is very hard, gives superb handling, but looses some comfort on bumpy road.

But all above can be attributed only to diesel and 2L petrol models with 6 speed gearboxes.

When I was selecting a car, I did test drive with 1.8L basic model called Visia, it had 5 speed gearbox and the feelings where as awful as they could be:

- Sound isolation was terrible. I drove 130 km/h with 5th gear, there where around 4000 RPM, engine sound inside was terrible and wind/tyres noise was very loud.

- The steering wheel was too tight, and the drive train was definitely different from top models - I hardly could feel holding a car in my hands at 130 km/h

- Interior was cheap, comparing to Acenta's soft textile.

- Gearstick was _VERY_ soft and inaccurate. Several times I switched to 3rd gear instead of 5th.

Summarizing above - its really a car you will love, but go for Acenta or Tekna model with 6 speed gearbox, otherwise you won't be as happy as me :)

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Review Date: 1st July, 2003

18th Sep 2003, 06:31

I agree! when I change my petrol 2.0 litre it may well be for a diesel, but I'll go for the 138hp 300Nm 2.2dci, the performance on THAT is oustanding! 1.8 a very different car, sluggish and dull witted.

1992 Nissan Primera GT 2.0 injection, 16 valves


Rather comfortable, sporty, trustable. Perfect. Too cheap


Valve cover gasket blew-leakage of oil, alternator problems, little scraps all over the body-suspension is rather hard, new battery needed, but thank god that's all for now except rather big consumption-about 10 liters per 100 km during winter time.

General Comments:

Perfect car for so less money. I've got all electric windows, mirrors and sunroof. Good sittings, handling. That's absolutely real driver's car. Everything is in a right place, easy reached and understandable. Perfect steering power, it becomes harder due to higher speed. I love it. Now only I need is good stereo, no more repairing.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2003

5th Jun 2006, 04:08

It's nice to see review from Lithuania :)

I own 97 Primera GT, and if I would get 10l/100 km in the summer I would be happy. Now I get around 12l (in Vilnius), mostly due to driving from one traffic light to another. Different story is on the open road - 140-150km/h is less than 9 litres. If you complain about stiff suspension and high consumption (which actually is not high) I think you got wrong car, because this is more of a drivers car, not economical family car.