1997 Opel Omega MV6 3.0 V6 24v


Good when working


I bought the car in mint condition. Previous owner was very careful and had the car running perfectly. The only thing that didn't work was the heated seats. All the things I had to change or fix during those 46 000km:

Front brake pads replaced.

Front forks rear bushings replaced.

Front stabilizer "something" replaced.

Front stabilizer inner bushings replaced.

Steering lateral "something" replaced.

Front pendulum bushing replaced.

Rear differential rubber mountings replaced.

Steering mechanism tip (near the wheel) replaced.

Stabilizers inner rubber mountings replaced.

Main steering bar or "something" replaced.

A/C valve leaking - replaced.

Rear spring broke - both replaced.

Spark plugs replaced.

Cooling system rubber pipe leaking badly - replaced.

Spark plug wires replaced (don't know what's the true word in English).

Ignition coils started showing signs of deterioration.

By the way - I had LPG installed.

One of the exhaust system muffler deteriorated from the inside and clogged up the pipe - fixed.

The plastic covers in wheel arches (again don't know the word) attached very weakly - during heavy snow loosens from their mountings.

The indicator stalk just broke - from the inside - the indicators won't turn on. And also the cruise control went dead along with it. When replacing the stalk, I've found out that it had been replaced some time earlier in the car's life.

The interior heaters vacuum valve started leaking coolant badly - replaced.

Finally the rear differential broke - blocked to be precise. Now the rear wheels are always spinning together at the same speed.

Also the front passengers seat grip handle (at the ceiling) just broke off, when my friend took a grab on it.. Some other few interior plastic bits broke of during normal operation..

Some parts of the dash don't light up anymore.

At the moment there's some gurgling from the front chassis again...

General Comments:

When working the car has some plus sides. It's roomy - bigger that the E-class or the 5 series, but a bit smaller that the S-class and the 7-series. However the rear passengers feel comfortable at all times. The car is extremely good at longer journeys, struggles in narrow city streets though.

The level of luxury in MV6 is really decent - there's everything you could ask in a 1997 midrange executive saloon. The interior feels a bit cheap, but that's OK - the Opel/Vauxhall are not priced as the BMW or Merc.

The gearbox works quite wheel, long ratios give better fuel economy and more relaxed ride. The engine is powerful enough for a confident ride but just that. The 3.0 produces 211 bhp and is the most powerful in the range, but it's not the racer. Forget about drags, drifts or some other crazy stuff. It's a heavy car with rather soft ride and the engine isn't tuned to rev. Saying the truth, it is quite an unresponsive unit - feels more like an underpowered lazy V8. Good for cruising, good for safe passing, but really not sharp.

Rust is what you have you watch out for. And when it starts, you're in a marathon battle - it will keep appearing till the end.. Yours or the cars..

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Review Date: 25th January, 2011