1996 Volkswagen Golf GTD 1.9 TDi turbo diesel


Cheap, reliable, and good performance daily drive!


I had to change the clutch at 230 000km, but no wonder, the clutch was changed the first time here, so it will last until the car dies from rust now.

Had several problems with engine control vacuums, but no wonder, they tear in a row of years and daily use in various conditions e.g. cold, hot, dry, etc.

Overall the car had no problems or any illness. Not many things can go wrong on this car.

General Comments:

This Golf is cheap to run, economical, and has good performance; 81kw for this lightweight car is really more than enough.

My car has no rust, as it had good care before.

The seats are pretty comfortable and adjustable; really good.

So for daily use, the Golf is just the right choice for me, however, for longer distances it is not so comfortable, but drivable.

This car is so reliable, that I am always SURE that I will reach my destination :)

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Review Date: 1st March, 2012

1997 Volkswagen Golf GTi 2.0 OCH


Cool for amateurs


ABS failed.

Fog lights and indicators leak water inside.

Rear shock absorbers worn out.

Gearbox broke three times!!!

Rear brake pads worn out.

General Comments:

The car is very easy to handle. The steering is very light, as if you were driving on air. However, as it is front wheel drive, it tends to understeer pretty badly on fast corners.

Quite predictable. ABS works just fine.

The 2.0 115HP engine is of course more than traditional 1.6, but it is a joke of the GTI. Compared to 2.0 DOCH 150HP or the VR6, it is really hard to understand, why Volkswagen had put it in the GTI version. It's a laugh. A sad one. Though you can do over 115mph, there's no thrill at all. Recently some maybe 20 year old Honda Civic outran me at the traffic light. Pathetic!.. It also can't do any more than 25mpg in a city.

The most astonishing part is the gearbox. The rear gear pinion broke twice!.. (the third time I replaced the whole gearbox, because it had worn out during the previous breakdowns) You have to be very gentle when driving rearwards and not to rev up! It's probably the Achilles heel of this car.

The details for the Golf are probably the most cheapest in the market. So if you crash or just need a replacement, it can't hurt you less.

The cheap interior plastics tend to annoy, especially when going on gravel roads. It's just impossible to understand what exactly is rattling. However, the Recaro seats are build quite well, they give a decent support in various situations.

The full electricity package, climatronic, nice audio system make it a car you may like, if you're not too sophisticated.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2007

1987 Volkswagen Golf GTi 16v 1.8


Cool for a beginner!


I have changed a lot during these 2 years... from ordinary filters to suspension parts. But nothing has been done to the engine.

General Comments:

I don't like the roadholding of my GTi... I'm trying to lower the back and make the wheelbase flatter, but anyway it doesn't hold the road on corners.

Anyway I like the engine, it still goes 230 km/h... and makes the BMW 325 smell of smoke!

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2000