1983 Volkswagen Santana LX 1.8 petrol


Best car for student- cheap, fast, comfortable


When turn of the engine it still works for a few seconds, but mechanic fixed it with no problem, no new parts were needed for it, adjustment was only thing to fix.

Back door won't open from outside anymore (but still opens from inside)

Gear switch (handle) broke up, now I put screwdriver in it to switch gears (look like tuning :D)

General Comments:

This car is really fast (try to drag and won against "Ford Mondeo" 1996 1.8 L, but after 100 Ford was faster :D)

Big car, so you can drive with a lot of friends comfortably, big boot, so you can put a lot o stuff when going to vacation (it's especially relevant for my girl fiend :D)

Seats are very comfortable.

I don't like interior (panel), but it is only because it look like very old.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2006

8th Jun 2006, 13:11

Knackered Mondeo versus 20 year old Sultana?

Bet that was something to watch :-)