2005 Citroen Picasso 2.0 BVA 16v petrol


Citroen is pioneer for front-wheel drive, disc brake, all-steel body, hydropneumatic suspension...


Rear tail gate handle broke with only a small force applied while closing the tail gate. The plastic looks cheap. Others are having the same case.

Claimed under warranty.

General Comments:

Already 373 km when first acquired. It must be the traveling for the dealer to bring the car to my town. Not many Malaysians prefer French cars. Mostly go for Malaysian, Korean and Japanese cars.

The car has a great power with a comfortable ride. Fun while overtaking, climbing hills and accelerating.

Hard cornering feels a bit risky, but what to compare with my Mitsubishi Galant... MPV vs. CAR.

Suspension is good, but not excellent. I am expecting more fun riding through pot holes from a Citroen. I was not even impressed during the test drive, but my wife and I decided to buy it for its safety features.

Tiptronic transmission technology from Porsche feels great.

Interior feels roomy and spacious. A lot of useful compartments.

Safety is terrific. Equipped with (ESP) Electronics Stability Programme, ABS, Driver's and Side Passenger's Airbag with both having side airbag. Three-point seat belt for all three rear passengers.

Braking is fun with the newly developed ABS technology. Not using the widely used ABS.

Comes with a 3-year warranty / or 100,000 km - whichever comes first.

Comes with a single CD player. Have no idea whether it could be upgraded to CD Changers or DVD Changers. Dealer said to leave it be as the electrical wiring is "somewhat" different from a Japanese car. No idea whether it is true.

RARE specialty - No RPM meter! Could only guess during running in.

BUT of its entire specialty, I personally am not confident with all the electronics gadgets to last after the warranty expires.

Possibilities of electronics failures or problems - ESP, ABS, CD Player, Airbags, Automatic Lighting, Automatic Wiping, Auto-locking, Engine's ECU, Tiptronic Transmission, Sensors (Fuel Gauge, Engine Temperature, Battery Charging)... so far that I could think of.

Original Reviewer.

The car has clocked 6,500++ KM now, with no problems at all. Fuel consumption is excellent for a 2.0 cc engine.

Under mixed traffic condition, the car recorded around 8.0 liter/100 km @ about 12.5 km per liter of petrol.

Max petrol tank is 55 liters (14.5 gallons).

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Review Date: 17th September, 2008

3rd Jun 2009, 21:28

(Original Reviewer)

@ 60,000 km:

1- Replaced engine coolant

Service center asked to replace timing belt, but I challenged them as in the manual is says 60,000 miles NOT kilometers.

After a few days, water pump gave abnormal sound during accelerating under gear 1 and 2!

Went back to service center and was told that I should replace timing belt.

Didn't comply, drove the car anyway until the sound became worst and went back to service center. They still insist to replace timing belt, and I concurred.

BUT, the abnormal sound remained even after replacing timing belt Set (complete with tensioner).

THEN the service center told me that the car needed top overhaul!..and I responded "RIDICULOUS". Drove the car without complying to their solution.

Went back next week and asked them to replace water pump instead. To their surprise!... I was right! Abnormal sound GONE!!!

FINDINGS: Service center might NOT follow correct procedure. Engine coolant might have been replaced while the engine was still hot... ie water pump also still hot and that could trigger some abnormal behaviour to the water pump.

EXPERIMENT: Not replacing engine coolant... only top up lost coolant. Also to mark how many kilometers can water pump really stands.


Water pump still is running normally and reaching 100,000 kilometers. (marked from 66,000 km until now- 165,000)

17th Mar 2011, 20:38

(Original Reviewer)

Reached 5 years of ownership. Loving it everyday.

@~240,000 km - replaced two (2) front brake rotor discs.

@~250,000 km - Car suddenly lost power and jerking. Ignition coil needed replacement. Cost RM700+

Historical Note:

I was told that water pump needs to be replaced, together with timing belt replacement. I did not comply as my used 1982 Mitsubishi Galant could stand up to 200,000 km!

Last water pump replacement was done @ 66,000 km. Now clocking 262,000km.

8th Nov 2011, 01:40

(Original Reviewer)

6 years-old on Oct 2011.

Clocking 265,000 kms. Paint on roof fading away.

Still good and steady.

31st Jan 2012, 05:37

(Original Reviewer)

Passing 270,000 kms... still good and steady.

5th Apr 2012, 18:35

(Original Reviewer)

@273,000 kms - the car is revving itself. Revving high in traffic jams. Revving in gear (on its own) while I am braking to enter a junction or stopping at traffic light... DANGEROUS!!! Sometimes registering engine fault!

Went to the service center, and they did a computer check, but nothing found. They simply reset the fault register.

Figured that I should replace the fuel filter (some call it the petrol filter)... IT WORKS!

Before this I've been replacing the fuel filter every 35,000 kms, but now I know whenever it revs itself, it is time to change, 35,000 km or not. It's not worth gambling with my life...

No more revving... now clocking 280,000 kms.