2001 Fiat Punto ELX 1.2 16v


I'm loving it!!!


My steering motor start making rattling noise after 10k km. Replaced by dealer.

Battery run out fast (at 20k km)

Else is normal wear and tear.

General Comments:

For NA 1.2 range, the car is consider powerful.

The Speedgear Gearbox is superb, very fast changing and the automatic shift-up is good.

I really love this car and will recommend to others.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2005

2001 Fiat Punto ELX 1.3


A great car, but lacking in good service


The first problem came about three or four months after getting the car from Fiat Malaysia. I noticed that the car wasn't driving very smoothly and starting the car was a problem one day. On the same day, the car just refused to start and it ended up being towed to the workshop. I was told some filter wasn't working properly, something which happens to some of the new cars. A few months later, the battery went dead. The workshop person replaced the maintenance free battery with a water-based battery which did not fit the casing and required filling up every 2 weeks! Fiat Malaysia refused to replace it with another maintenance free battery. The last problem encountered was the airbag. The indicator for the airbag was switched on and so off to the workshop again. The workshop personnel said something with the wiring.

General Comments:

The car performs great and I guess it is not without its imperfections. It's a great car to drive and comfortable. However, it's sad to say that Fiat Malaysia does not offer very satisfactory service. They really need to improve on their customer service overall, especially at the workshop.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2003

2000 Fiat Punto ELX 1.3 Speedgear


A liability to own Fiat cars in Malaysia where spare-parts are scarce as it will become a liability


Maintenance-Free Battery is not available in any of the car accessories or batteries shop in Malaysia. Fiat Malaysia sells Fiat Punto, but does not carry original spare parts. As a last resort, I have to replace with water-based battery that Fiat Malaysia carries which is much under-powered. I was further disappointed to find out from the Fiat service staff that I have to constantly check and fill water every 2 weeks. Further, the steel plate holding the battery is designed only for maintenance-free batteries, and is not suitable for water-based batteries. This is because in order to fill water into the battery, the steel plate will have to be unscrewed every 2 weeks to open the battery caps. Such inefficiencies defeats the convenience which the new technology of Fiat Punto is being designed to satisfy customer needs.

Difficulties in obtaining replacement of battery was not made known to me at the point when I purchased the car, but instead was being misrepresented by the Fiat salesman who mentioned that Fiat uses maintenance-free batteries operated cars which are designed for the convenience of drivers.

Another flaw is that the original size of the Punto tyres is not available in the Malaysia market and not even Fiat, Malaysia carries that. One of the tyres of my car punctured and had to be replaced. To my surprise and disappointment, I was informed by Fiat service centre here that the replacement tyres are not imported. Hence, I had to replace either all 4 or at least 2 of the tyres with non-original imported tyres of different size in addition to the extra unnecessary costs incurred. This occured when my tyre was only 10 month's old and traveled less than 20,000 kilometers.

The radio and air-conditional boards rattled.

General Comments:

Unless and until such problems are ironed out, I would not consider buying a second Fiat car nor recommend Fiat cars to others.

Instead, I would forewarn them of the inconvenience and inefficiencies in having Fiat cars.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2002

20th Jun 2003, 10:31

I faced the same problem with the battery and tyre, but the maintenance free version is available. Overall the car is still good and the staff are also friendly and helpful Just give them a chance.